Top 5 Reasons to Learn Taekwondo

Taekwondo is an ancient sport suitable for all ages. It has instilled valuable lessons for thousands of years that help its practitioners in various aspects of life. In this article, we will delve into the reasons why you should consider learning taekwondo:

Exciting Form of Exercise

With all the processed food and instant services, it’s easy to fall into a sedentary lifestyle. Some people struggle to get fit because they’re bored with their exercise routine. 

Taekwondo isn’t your average exercise. First of all, it’s a martial art that emphasises high kicks, fast kicking techniques, and jumping spinning kicks. Therefore, it involves almost every muscle in your body.

Over time, it builds muscle tone, increases muscle strength, and improves stamina and flexibility.

Teaches Respect

One of the taekwondo’s core values is respect, not only to the teachers and older individuals-but to everyone. When you visit taekwondo schools, you’ll notice that the environment is particularly formal.

This type of formality is a display of respect to space, the people in it, and the art of taekwondo. Once you get used to this, you’ll notice a difference in how you handle different situations—particularly frustrating ones.

Improves Self-control

Self-control is an exceedingly important attribute because it can drive you to success. However, it’s not a skill that can be learned overnight or even in a week. It requires a lot of hard work to have complete control over your emotions. 

“Taekwondo strictly imposes self-control. You have to remain calm during difficult situations because that’s the only way you can think clearly.”, as explained by Shane Perry, loans advisor at Max Funding and an advocate of meditative practices.

Boost Self-confidence

It is common to see new students trying to stay out of sparring sessions or dreading to be called on. But as time goes by, the same students will hold their head high and take a different form with confidence.

Taekwondo is a respected martial art, and being able to practice it is an honour—which consequently boosts confidence. You outdo your old self with each session; you make another accomplishment. And this sense of achievement helps in your self-image.

Teaches Self-Defence Skills

This is probably the most apparent thing that taekwondo will teach you. This martial art can be used to get away from or protect someone else against a dangerous situation. 

You’ll learn how to redirect your energy to give a strong kick or punch. It’s important to remember that taekwondo promotes peace while ensuring you’re prepared for any unseen even.

Encourages Camaraderie

In taekwondo, you may have to interact with instructors and fellow students whom you’ve never spoken to. Sometimes you have to work together with people you don’t get along with all the time. It teaches you that sometimes you have to set aside the negative emotions to achieve common goals.

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