Benefits of Taekwondo That Will Make You Want Your Black Belt

Are you keen about getting into martial arts? You definitely should consider Taekwondo for the following reasons:

Encourages Socialisation

Joining a Taekwondo class is one way to expand your social circle. During your lessons, you’ll meet new people with whom you could form life-long relationships.

During classes, you will go through rigorous physical and mental challenges. These challenges can fortify your relationships as humans tend to gravitate towards those with whom they share strong memories.

Promotes Discipline

One of the most common reasons why parents enrol their children to Taekwondo is to teach them discipline. While it is classified as a fighting sport, it is not for fighting. Taekwondo masters emphasise that this martial art should be used to defend yourself and others against injustices. As such, self-control must always prevail.
A Taekwondo student can build a sense of discipline from the simple rules imposed in class. These include arriving on time, wearing the right uniform, standing and sitting correctly, addressing the masters and colleagues respectfully, etc.

Increases Self-esteem

Taekwondo boosts self-esteem in various ways. First, it reframes the mindset. It teaches you that you can’t control all situations, but you can manage your response to these situations. Second, rigorous training builds an indomitable spirit in you. Third, it provides a channel for your time and energy, which can give you a sense of purpose and satisfaction.

Contributes to Physical and Mental Health

This is probably the most apparent benefit of Taekwondo. In this martial art, you’ll be engaged in various physical activities that can strengthen the heart, increase endurance, tone muscles, and burn excess fats.

Studies also show that physical activities can improve mood and ease stress, anxiety and depression. Shane Perry, a Credit Capital investment expert, encourages those with high-tension jobs to get into this sport. He says,” Exercise is a potent anti-depressant for several reasons. Most significantly, it promotes all kinds of positive changes in the brain, including reduced inflammation, neural growth, and new activity patterns. All of these encourage calmness and self-esteem. It also triggers the release of endorphins, the chemicals in your brain that are associated with reward and care. Finally, exercise, like Taekwondo, can also serve as a distraction. It gives you some quiet time to reflect and allows you to break out of the cycle of negative thought.”

Improves Focus

To master various Taekwondo moves and win challenges, one must always focus during training. You have to direct all your attention and energy towards a goal—whether it’s perfecting a kick or breaking aboard. There is no way to circumvent the process but to focus.

Thankfully, this skill can be translated to other aspects of your life.

The Institute of Modern Tae Kwon Do is one of Australia’s finest martial arts organisations. They offer Taekwondo classes for all ages in various locations across the country. If you want to get to know this traditional martial art and reap its benefits, contact us now!