Isaac Yeoh

Best Balance, Beacon Hill
Gordon Uniting Church
West Pymble Community Hall

I started practising WTF Taekwondo in 2014 as part of my high school’s recreational sports program and found that I loved it. After high school, I continued to train under Master John Gill and achieved 2nd Dan black belt.

I also began to study Hapkido with the AHF in 2015, and I now hold a Bo-Dan (provisional black) belt rank. Master Jim Chappell is my current teacher.

In 2018 I transferred to the IMT and began training the ITF style of Taekwondo with the IMT.

I’ve felt that Taekwondo has helped me in more ways than just learning self-defence. It has helped me to stay in shape, focus better, hone my self-discipline, and improve my confidence. It has also provided me with the opportunity to grow by challenging myself, subsequently becoming a certified instructor with the IMT. I love to give back and see students overcome challenges, learn life skills and expand their mental and physical capacity.